Got all trophies
Got all trophies All Beans and Forgiveness
Made it down to the Canteen and talked with Roy The Sickening of the Calm
Survived the Event Breathe In, Breathe Out, Repeat
Escaped from Engineering Home by Christmas
Launched the Lifeboat Eye of the Needle
Got back to Roy in the Canteen Everything Breaks
Watched the Helicopter Crash I Am The King
Escaped from Rennick Compression Ignition
Restarted the Generator Into the Belly of the Beast
Completed Engineering Surfacing
Escaped from the Pontoons Beacon in the Dark
Relit the Flare Treading Water
Escaped from Flooded Engineering Beaufort Eleven
Made it to the roof of Accommodation Leviathan
Rebalanced the Beira D The Drowning of Davey Rennick
Defeated Rennick The Horror Sings
Entered the Derrick Still Wakes The Deep
Completed the game Leaning Into It
Spot a monster while leaning Fahrenheit 0451
Put out a fire with an extinguisher Cerebral Anoxia
Drowned inside the rig Full Fathom Five
Died from falling into the sea five times in different places Clear Down
Listen to every optional phonecall Social Butterfly
Talk to everyone in the Intro Snoop
Visit every enterable cabin in the game Jetsam
Throw a throwable into the sea Finlay Destination
Die in all possible ways Sailing By
Listen to the whole Shipping Forecast Greased Scotsman
Sprint in all movement modes and traversals Body Count
Find every reachable dead crew member McLeery
Spend too much time in the shower room Good with the ‘Leccy
Used all electrical interaction types on the Beira D Not so Good with the ‘Leccy
Die in all electrical hazards on the Beira D Bheir an cuan a chuid fhèin a-mach
Completed the game in Scottish Gaelic Walking Simulator
Completed the game without sprinting for more than 10 total minutes Me and My Spoon
Find Roy’s Spoon after the sinking General Strike
Hit a monster with a throwable Look At All This Mess!
Pick up and throw 50 different throwables


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